This week Profesora Irvine is going global! From my small home office in Bolton I will be teaching students of all ages and abilities as well as experienced teaching professionals in one of the world’s top international schools. My smiling face will be beamed into homes and classrooms in all these locations: Bolton, Bradford, Sheffield, Shropshire, Rawtenstall, Bermuda, Brighton, Chorley, Cumbria, Merseyside, London and Hong Kong! What a difference lockdown has made to my small business; I am truly grateful for the opportunities I have been able to accept and for the technology to be able to offer online global Spanish tuition. My students and clients are a delight and I am confident that I am preparing them to be skilled and curious learners of language and culture. Thank you to everyone who has supported me.

Como Agua 1This week I presented two Keynote courses for teachers of A Level Spanish. On Thursday it was "Teaching AQA Spanish Paper 2: Film and Literature" and on Friday it was " Pearson A Level Spanish: Aiming for A* and A". It was enjoyable to be working with very able and dedicated Spanish teachers, and to share my knowledge, experience and Top Tips!

It’s devastating news about the cancellation of all GCSE and A Level exams this year. I totally understand the need to close schools and colleges but these children have worked so hard and will not get the rewards they deserve. The wonderful children that I’ve been working with individually are all over-performing on their predicted and mock grades and I genuinely hope that this will be reflected in the final grade that they are rewarded.
I’ll be continuing my Spanish & French lessons via Skype with my non-exam students, and adult learners, and am happy to provide continuity of education for those who find themselves at home without support and feedback.
Take care everyone! 🇪🇸🇫🇷

Josh WindassWith professional football ready to resume after its enforced three-month hiatus, some players and managers have been working on much more than just their golf handicap under lockdown. Championship player Josh Windass and Premiership Recruitment Manager Sam Jewell have been learning Spanish online with Profesora Irvine. 

keynote multipleI spent a day last week with 230 Year 10 and 11 girls at Bentley Wood High School in Harrow. A whole day of Spanish is a challenge for anyone and these girls were really involved and enthusiastic.

The afternoon started with a questions and answers session and it was really encouraging to learn that the girls are thinking positively about their language options for the future and enjoying their Spanish.

The day ran smoothly thanks to the support of a great team of Spanish teachers and the school technician! 

I am available for in-school Spanish A Level and GCSE conferences and teacher workshops through